Junior Tennis 2: Natalia…!!!

As i promice you thats another video from little kids i train..!!
Natalia is a great clever girl with a lot of pottential to play tennis in the future!
As you see there are differents in her technik compare to Xristos ( Junior Tennis: video 1) cause i believe that womens tennis is completely different from mens tennis!
The footwork remains the same..!!!
I hope you gonna enjoy it..!
Vamos Natalo mou…!!! 🙂


About dimkanavarakis

Professor in Science of Sports & Physical Education (Democritus University of Thrace) MSc Sports Marketing (Sheffield University) Personal Fitness Trainer (Etcheberry Certified) Sports Nutrition Consultant (Nabba Certified) Fitness Coach of Greek Davis Cup Team 2008 & 2014 Head Tennis Coach at Kalovelonis Tennis Academy Founder and Owner of the Training Seminars Weekend: ‘’Modern Footwork & Fitness for Tennis’’ Special Partner of TennisNews.gr - Owner of the Column: ‘’Power Fitness 4 Tennis’’ Address : Pindou 22 – Pefki – Athens – Greece - P.C.:15121 Home Tel: (+30)2108066355, Work Tel: (+30)2108066162, Mobile: (+30)6938585705 Εmails: fitdim1@yahoo.com , dimkanavarakis@gmail.com Website: https://dimkanavarakis.com/ (Greek Tennis House) YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/dimkanavarakis
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